CNSF Advocacy Meetings

Beginning each spring, and extending until final appropriations are set for the next fiscal year, individual CNSF members team up to target key Congressional appropriations offices to advocate for support for the National Science Foundation. During these meetings, the overall importance of science across all disciplines is emphasized, as is the research agency's support for all sciences and education.

CNSF Hill Visits Day
The Coalition for National Science Funding (CNSF) has sponsored a Hill Visits Day.  This event allows CNSF members to create interdisciplinary teams to traverse Capitol Hill advocating for increased funding of the National Science Foundation.

Congressional Visits Day
CNSF also has participated in a Congressional Visits Day organized by the Science-Engineering-Technology Work GroupHeld in the spring of each year, over 200 scientists, mathematicians, and engineers are brought to Washington to urge federal support for science, engineering, and technology in the upcoming federal budget process.


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